Wednesday, April 4, 2012


I am covering the morbid dark purple in the livingroom that my husband insists gives off "bad emotions"...this primer rocks! Click the pick to buy some from me at!

 It doesnt going on super even and it wants to drip a little more than I would like. But that dark purple is coat. It has saved me alot of time and money because when I don't use it I end up having to paint three or four coats of a new color. Those coats get pricey! I am still trying to find out which brand of paint is my favorite. I am leaning toward Glidden. Glidden covered well and is holding up nicely. The price is great, but I haven not used Glidden in a dark color yet. When painting over the white primer the light shades aren't challenged like a dark one would be. That will be the final test. Hope it passes!

I did learn alot about painting recently... Shur-Line Paint Edgers use up alot more paint than a little paintbrush for detail work...and it is TOTALLY worth it. I am a naptime warrior when it comes to decorating so I have to cut corners. I can have a wall painted in less than half the time now that I have my edger. The guy at Lowes warned me against using one so I didn't buy one until my friend mentioned that hers was heaven-sent. And it is.

The primer is dry, lunch has been served and it is time to run to to Lowes. The color of the day is "Filoli Morning Glory" blue (in the pic below). Valspar...wish me luck, last time Valspar was alot of work to get it to cover. But I love this color! Sooo pretty. The goal for the livingroom is light and bright. This is the accent wall in room that is light blue and white.

I cannot wait to see how it turns out so that I can get started on couch pillows, seat cushions and curtains! My new sewing machine is all warmed up and ready to go!

Wish me luck!

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