Sunday, January 15, 2012

Homeschool Finals?!

I am new to homeschooling. This is our first semester and I was warned beforehand that starting in the middle of a semester would make me feel behind the entire year. It has. Coming up is our first set of midterms...we elected to have sanctioned finals so that we can make sure we are on track. I do not think I was this nervous about my OWN finals. And I know Errol never given his a second thought. He isn't a worrier and being gifted he has learned to rely on everything just having stuck in his mind.  He hates just feels very redundant him.

It really helps to not do every subject every day. Transitions are a fewer of them each day makes things feel more seamless. Errol seems to enjoy each day having some variety compared to yesterday. 

We are keeping his studying consistent with lots of breaks so he feels like he is running the show...we have posted a schedule that we both agree on in the morning. I am so proud of him. He is really doing an amazing job of organizing himself and his studies and sticking to our schedule. Its amazing to watch him blossom right in front of our eyes.

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