Wednesday, April 11, 2012

I made a viking hat for a girlfriends husband. I have seen many interpretations online but wanted something different. I did get stuck on the horns. Not easy to get something to curve AND expand at gradually toward the base. I used this tutorial from the amazing Mygurumi blog. I crocheted just up to line 14 of her pattern and I used a J hook so its chunkier to match the hat. I stuffed them with yarn because stuffing didn't make a nice hook on the horns. I hope she likes it! 

Wordless Wednesday Linky Party

Up Late Sewing...I might be sorry tomorrow. I keep my sewing notions in the vintage suitcase. 

I sold lots of Mommy Necklaces this week. Not sure what I will be selling next. It is SO very addictive. 

Ha! Back from Easter just in time for my very first Wordless Wednesday. More from me on Thursday. <3

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Sunday, April 8, 2012

Happy Easter from our family to yours! Have a wonderful holiday.

Thursday, April 5, 2012


I have serious issues with starting new projects. I like to call it my "artistic spirit" that drives me to follow my whims as they pop into my mind. Like motivation is some fleeting monster that comes to me once and may never return. So, as I sit here ready to finish my painting this purse is screaming to be made...


In purple zebra flannel.

I am learning to push through this and use the blog as a memory jogger so I don't forget how much I NEED this!

So back to painting.

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Selling On Ebay Etsy shop is closed and I am now reselling items on Ebay. There is a link to my items in on the right side of this page. I enjoy Ebay very much. Crocheting for Etsy was fabulous and I met alot of great people. But, it took up a huge amount of my time and making gifts for my family and friends has been a thing of the past since I began the store a few years ago. I am so excited to finally get on making the boys their afghans.

I love finding deals and searching out vintage so an Ebay store is the logical progression for me. I am working at selling lots of little items from around the house to take advantage of the 50 free listings this month, beef up my feedback and get hit the number of annual sales required to get my own store. Did I mention that I am very excited!?

Yesterday I put a TON of Mommy Necklace brand nursing necklaces up for sale. It makes sense. They are great for breastfeeding moms, but Izzy is weaned now. I am saving a few of my favorites.

I have come to realize that due to shipping fees it does not pay to Ebay clothes. Unless they are of great value. Far greater than the value of the clothes that I need to get rid of. So I do believe I smell a garage sale in the making! Smells good.


I am covering the morbid dark purple in the livingroom that my husband insists gives off "bad emotions"...this primer rocks! Click the pick to buy some from me at!

 It doesnt going on super even and it wants to drip a little more than I would like. But that dark purple is coat. It has saved me alot of time and money because when I don't use it I end up having to paint three or four coats of a new color. Those coats get pricey! I am still trying to find out which brand of paint is my favorite. I am leaning toward Glidden. Glidden covered well and is holding up nicely. The price is great, but I haven not used Glidden in a dark color yet. When painting over the white primer the light shades aren't challenged like a dark one would be. That will be the final test. Hope it passes!

I did learn alot about painting recently... Shur-Line Paint Edgers use up alot more paint than a little paintbrush for detail work...and it is TOTALLY worth it. I am a naptime warrior when it comes to decorating so I have to cut corners. I can have a wall painted in less than half the time now that I have my edger. The guy at Lowes warned me against using one so I didn't buy one until my friend mentioned that hers was heaven-sent. And it is.

The primer is dry, lunch has been served and it is time to run to to Lowes. The color of the day is "Filoli Morning Glory" blue (in the pic below). Valspar...wish me luck, last time Valspar was alot of work to get it to cover. But I love this color! Sooo pretty. The goal for the livingroom is light and bright. This is the accent wall in room that is light blue and white.

I cannot wait to see how it turns out so that I can get started on couch pillows, seat cushions and curtains! My new sewing machine is all warmed up and ready to go!

Wish me luck!

Decal Shopping!

There are so many stickers to choose from on Ebay. I think it would be easier for me to choose a tattoo than it is to choose a decal. I am the only one sporting my arm...but sometimes Justin drives the car so we don't want it too girly.

Settled on this one (I am not trying to advertise, but I cant get the graphic without his might as well link it! He was actually really nice and let me change my mind by returning my money so I could repurchase. And he was quick about it!)

Today my high-schooler gets home. I am really excited. It is so nice to have him home on vacations...time together when we aren't homeschooling is such a treat now!

I am thinking veggie lasagna for dinner...time to find a recipe!