Wednesday, February 1, 2012


I am having so much fun playing with our boys and redecorating. We completed Errols homeschool finals and passed with flying colors. Yay!! I am so excited to move on and try a different way of organizing the workload this semester. We have started the Science Fair project for the year. He is very creative...he is going to study the effect of different types of music on animals. He is so excited he wants to plow through the entire assignment right away. We are working on slowing down and following the process.

This last week I finally took down the blinds. I gave our baby blue livingroom a coat of white paint. Then, I sewed some very simple white muslin curtain panels and hung them with cafe clipson all of the livingroom windows. The clips are like the ones in the picture below. This is the most baby friendly way I can think of acclimating Izzy with the curtains. He has not yanked once and I like them alot.

Ill take some pictures of our own, soon.

I think that I need to put some decorating focus outside now. My grass has not fared well in the season. Its our first year with a lawn and it shows. 

As for tonight I am thinking pizza for dinner and haircuts all around for the guys. ;)